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You can stop trawling through the internet and say no to underwhelming wedding fairs. Just pick a dream location within New South Wales and the ACT. Our professionally illustrated maps will direct you to venues that are as unique as you are as a couple. Surprise your partner, make a day of it. You are guaranteed to find a beautiful venue,  perfect for you.

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Yes, connect me...

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

The same goes for wedding vendors. We will introduce you to the light bringers, the earth shakers, the game changers and the magic makers of the wedding industry. Heck, we will even organise for them to meet you on your personal Wedding Trail.

We are small wedding match makers

 Why they love Small Wedding Trails.

  • All trails are based on geographical locations.

  • Most venues are within walking or a short uber ride distance from each other. Saving you money.

  • It almost guarantees you reduce wedding planning stress as they narrow the choices for you.

  • Combines a glorious date with your significant other and venue discovery.

  • You explore at your own pace, without the crowds or pressure.

  • You get to experience the venues in action, immersed in their day to day.

"The beauty of Small Wedding Trails is it enables you to solve two problems with one action. You date your fiance' and find the venue of your dreams. We could never have found these venues by ourselves. "

Mark & Kathryn

 Why they can't wait for Wedding Concierge.

  • A knowledgeable assistant who vets vendors for your wedding and makes perfect vendor recommendations.

  • We make the jump into wedding planning a little softer by taking the initial steps for you.

  • So convenient we organise vendors to meet you on the trail. Like magic!

  • We aren't Wedding Planners however we do see to it that you secure the best planner. A planner who matches your personalities and your budget.

  • We set you up so that the rest of your wedding planning journey is a breeze.

We're putting together the final touches to this offering. If you'd like to be the first to know when it goes live, just enquire here.


Where it all started

Small Wedding Trails is inspired by my own experiences as a bride and a passion for helping other people.

I remember spending hours upon hours trawling through the internet in search of the perfect small wedding venue. Often abandoning the quest, disheartened as their requirements didn't always mirror our vision for an intimate celebration.


Not one to give up I tried attending wedding fairs only to walk away feeling overwhelmed, unsure of my original ideas, stressed and no more organized than when I entered the space. I thought to myself, there has to be another approach, a better way. No bride or groom should ever feel this way again! 


I wanted couples to enjoy their engagement. I desired to give them their time back. I needed future brides and grooms to know that they aren't alone. Most of all I wanted this once in a life time experience to be FUN!  This why I created bespoke wedding trail maps designed to be enjoyed with your partner; conveniently sent to your inbox or by mail. Say no to crowded expos! Say Yes to intimate adventures!



'It doesn't matter where you're are going, it's who you have beside you.'


I often quote one of the greatest philosophers,

Carrie Bradshaw. "The Most Exciting, challenging, and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well that's just fabulous."


Small Wedding Trails