Purchasing this product unlocks access to your own Sydney Inner West Small Wedding Trail map featuring a curated collection of 8 awesome spaces within walking distance or short uber ride.

Our mission is to create a thrilling, easy and fun discovery for you, and this map of Sydney is game changing. We have done the hard work and combined date and venue investigations, and most importantly, given you a sneak peek into the culture and ‘feeling’ of our handpicked venues.

With this map, we celebrate one of the greatest facets of being human, and that is relationships. You will be able to connect with each space, encounter the people who work there, and get a glimpse of the daily life of these venues in their daily hustle.The map is ultra-easy to navigate. And the reverse side of the map contains the crucial information for each venue including pricing and terms and conditions.


Your map is conveniently delivered to your inbox (downloadable) or mail box (printable), so don't forget to fill in your details below. All that is left for you to do is pick a day, grab your map, slip on some comfy walking shoes and hit the trail.


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Sydney Inner West Wedding Trail Map

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  • Professionally illustrated A5 Small Wedding Trail Map