A trail of venues

for Small Weddings

Each trail is a self-guided event that allows you to explore an area of NSW or the ACT that you are captivated by.


The beauty of Small Wedding Trails is you start the adventure any day of the week, there is no need to clear your schedule.

Our venues are selected based on their level of service, overall capacity, uniqueness, beauty and creative potential. They are specifically for small intimate weddings, so you won't fine one of the big hotels listed.  

Our maps are ultra- easy to navigate. And the reverse side of each map contains the crucial information for each space.

 With all the hard work being done, you can take your time, stop along the way, grab a coffee, a meal or a cocktail (or two!)

From here all that is left for you to do is grab a map, pick a day, slip on some comfy walking shoes and hit the trail.

Small Wedding Trails Map 2.png
Specialty Service

It really is WHO you know!

We adore building genuine and long standing relationships.


For this reason we have found ourselves working with the most phenomenal, inspiring and forward thinking vendors in the wedding industry. They light up our world and we want them to do the same for you.


One of the most magical elements of being a Wedding Concierge is engaging in research. We are committed to expanding our bank of knowledge, keeping up to date with latest trends and venue openings.


Our insights into the wedding world and rapport with the rad-est wedding peeps can be used to your advantage.  We have conveniently created a dynamic bundle that includes a wedding trail map of your choice and our concierge services. By purchasing the bundle you unlock opportunities to choose from a personal curated group of amazing wedding professionals who have the skill sets that you desire. We will organise for these suppliers to meet with you on your trail.


It's a match made in heaven!


We're putting together the final touches to this offering. If you'd like to be the first to know when it goes live, just enquire here.